Results 2019

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Relay, Finnish Championship

Käringsund Relay

½ distance

Minitriathlon, toddlers

Minitriathlon, kids 9-11

Olympic distance, competition

Olympic distance, open class

Supersprint, 13-17yrs

Supersprint, open class

Results 2018

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Results 2017

Result HALF KT2017
Result OLYMPIC Men, elite KT2017
Result OLYMPIC Womens, elite KT2017
Result OLYMPIC Men Masters KT2017
Result OLYMPIC Women Master KT2017
Result SUPERSPRINT Open class – KT2017
Result SUPERSPRINT YOUTH 13 – 17 – KT2017
Result KIDS 9-11 KT2017

Results 2016
Relay / stafett (fredag/ Friday)

Individual / Individuella (lördag/ Saturday)

Results 2015

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