The athlete performs the competition completely himself and on his own responsibility. The contestants follows the route and the instructions and rules that the organizer has specified.

The contestants are required to familiarize themselves with the race route before the race. The assistant may not follow the contestant with any vehicle or running. The athlete must not receive any kind of assistance during the competition, in addition to food and drink in places assigned by the organizer.

An assistant may advise the athlete from the side of the track. The athlete must not block or obstruct another athlete’s performance.

If the athlete interrupts the race or gets disqualified the race number shall be removed, and the athlete must get away from the race track.


Optional strokes. In addition to the start and finish, it is prohibited to use the bottom and/or liquid or solid objects to help get around. It is allowed to rest at the rope or buoys. The competitor should lift up their hands if he/she wants the assistance of the accompanying boat. Swimming cap shall be worn during the swim.


The athlete should follow the advice given by the organizer and the judges, and above all, the traffic rules when the competitions are carried out on public roads. In categories where drafting is not allowed, the rule applies a rectangle 3 metres wide and 10 metres long. This rectangle must not be interrupted except when overtaking. Overtaking may take up to 30 seconds, and will be achieved through a smooth acceleration through the rectangle. Overtaking is only allowed to the left. The overtaking is concerned completed when the front wheel has passed the front wheel of the bike in front of the athlete. The athlete that has been overtaken shall then immediately fall back 10 metres.

In Käringsund Triathlon drafting is allowed only in the following distances / classes:

  • Supersprint – B/G 13-15 (start Saturday kl.16.45)
  • Sprint – B/G 17 and general M/W (start Saturday kl.14.20)