The athlete is responsible that the equipment is according to the competition rules.


The maximum thickness of the wetsuit is 5 mm and it must cover upper and lower torso.


  • Bike and equipment will be checked before entering the transition area.
  • The helmet must be an approved model and it must be fastened at all times during the cycling leg and also at the transition area
  • The bike must have functioning brakes
  • Disk wheel is allowed only in rear wheel.
  • Race bike cannot be changed during the cycling leg.
  • Cycling is not permitted inside the Transition Area.

In competitions where drafting is allowed, there are rules on the handlebars. In competitions where drafting isn´t allowed, there are no restrictions on the handlebars.

Race number

Swimming: The race number can be written on the left upper arm or calf by the organizer

Cycling: The race number must be entirely visible at the rear of the body. The cycle is marked with a race number that the participant gets from the organizer.

Running: The race number must be entirely visible on the front of the body.