Competition Rules

The competition classes follow the rules of the Finnish Triathlon Association, based on the rules of ITU and ETU. The rules are partly presented here on the website. In the fitness category the helmet must be officially approved (e.g. CE-certified) and all equipment shall not be hazardous to any part. The Number One rule for the fitness category is: Enjoy the day!

Here are some important main rules for the elite category – useful also for the participants of the fitness category;

  • The chin strap of your helmet must be securely buckled before you take your bike from the rack and before you return you bike to the rack.
  • Cycling is not allowed on the transition area.
  • Drafting is not allowed (unless otherwise stated), i.e. don’t ride too close to the cyclist in front of you. You need to keep the minimum of a 10-metre gap to the cyclist in front of you, unless you are overtaking the person.
  • Overtaking is always on the left side.
  • Never ride across the center line.
  • Cycling/running shirtless is not allowed (except on the transition area).
  • You are not allowed to use an MP3 player/mobile phone during the competition in any of the three courses.

The participants gives the race organisation the right to use pictures and film material taken during the race to be used free of rights in the future marketing of the event.

Participation in Käringsund Triathlon at your own risk. The Organizers isn´t responsible for any accidents that occur during the event.
Participants are recommended to have their own accident insurance.