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Tack för 2021!

Thanks to all participants and volunteers that participated in Käringsund Triathlon 2021.
Pictures from the race (taken by Niclas Nordlund Photography) can be found at Käringsund Triathlons Facebook page and can be used for your own use!

We will now continue to arrange the remaining Åland Event events, that all can be found at www.alandevent.ax  In the autumn we will start planning for 2022 incl. update the website!



27.-28.8.2021 it is time for the 13th edition of Käringsund Triathlon!  Most things are the same from 2020, but the Käringsund relay on Friday is changing!
This year it will be a short super sprint (200m swimming, 6km cycling and 2km running) where the team chooses if all three participants do all the components (competition) or if each team participant performs one part of the relay (open class). The later goes by the name Fun & Joy!

New for 2021 is that everyone who participates in an individual start on Saturday can participate in the relay on Friday for free!


Käringsund Triathlon continues to be the race with a suitable start for everyone – there are individual starts from the youngest to the very “adult” ones in both race and fitness categories.
2020 will traditionally begin with relay on Friday, and Saturday is devoted to individual starts!

Welcome to Käringsund Triathlon 27.-28.8.2021