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We will continue in the same style…

In 2018 we will offer the same distances and classes as in 2017.Like last year, we will in 2018 again be proud organizers of the Open Finnish Championships in Olympic distance for adults, incl. para triathlon and youth 19-23. Thereo we will arrange the Open Finnish Championships supersprint for youth ages 15-17.

Käringsund Triathlon is the race with a suitable start for everyone – there are individual starts from the youngest to the very “adult” ones in both race and fitness categories. Last year´s new Käringsund Aquathlon Special – a race for children and adults who have some form of mental retardation or special needs will be a part of the event also in 2018.

The collaboration with Escape From Alcatraz is, however, a finished chapter and we look forward to new challenges instead.
The last escapees from Käringsund Triathlon will participate in Escape from Alcatraz in June 2018! We wish them all luck!